Classic Bracelet
Classic Bracelet

Classic Bracelet

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The CLASSIC bracelet truly embodies it's name. This handmade piece is designed to be a simple and easy adornment to any outfit. Upcycled from tire tubes and ethically handcrafted in Bali, you will feel purposeful wearing this elegant bracelet and enjoy it's soft, comfortable feel. Grab CLASSIC today and add simple style to any outfit!

Artisans in Bali

Care Instructions

The amazing thing is that these products need very little, if any maintenance! You will find how resilient each product is and that each item looks brand new even after years of wear.

As they are already coated with our coconut oil based cleansers in our production process, the products are good to go for their entire lifetime. However, feel free to use a tiny bit of coconut oil with a cloth to shine it up whenever you'd like.