Ethical Gift Giving

It’s the season of gift lists and shopping. I recently got the gift suggestions from my family and my first thought was “oh this will be easy”. It was all items I could quickly hop on a computer and have on my doorstep the very next day with a couple quick clicks.

But I had to remind myself… if I am committed to shopping ethically, shouldn’t that be all year long? Even in the holidays. 

I recognize that shopping ethical may not be the easiest or cheapest. But it is the option that fits my values best. 

And so, I take the lists and look at what I can make myself. Thrift. Buy from an ethical brand. It may take more time, but that’s okay because gift giving at it’s core is about showing love. Not just grabbing the most convenient thing at the cheapest price. What does doing that even communicate? 

Instead, I choose to show love to the recipient by:

-giving them the gift of my time in creating, thrifting or researching ethical brands

-creating impact for generations that will be beneficial (not harmful) for the makers, their families and also our planet

-selecting gorgeous handcrafted gifts they’ll love that I can feel great about giving

This is world changing fashion.

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