What You Can Do

There are so many ways you can support our mission of ending poverty through ethical fashion. Here are three easy ways besides shopping that you can support us!

1) Let's be Social. We love social media as it's such a fun way to connect. We would love if you could join us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest

2) Friends tell friends when they find something they love! We'd be so grateful if you could help spread the word about JustOne - share a social media post, post a photo of your purchase (please tag us so we can share!), or tell them in person.

3) Join the conversation - leave a comment on social media, send us a note with any ideas or feedback. We love connecting. 

4) Leave a review - love your purchase or your experience? A review goes a long way and is an easy way to support a small business!

5) Let us be your guest - did you know we love public speaking at conferences, to classrooms and everything in between. It's a great way to share about how "justone" person can make a difference. 

And don't forget -- you may be just one person -- but you have the power to make a difference, even if it is in the life of just one person.