Monday Motivation

If I can be completely candid - it's Monday morning, and my to do list is a mile long and my energy isn't. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged and lack motivation.

But this has been a tough season for many of our artisan partners. Pandemic lockdowns were particularly strict in Kenya and Uganda and have had lasting economic repercussions on their communities. There has been health concerns. And a recession here and slower sales, means less orders and income for them there. But as we all know, the bills keep coming even when money doesn't. When we talk, I hear about needs - and the request is always the same. More work. More orders. 

And I love that. 

Not looking for handouts. But wanting and willing to work hard to reach their own goals for themselves. Their families. Their community. 

friends hugging artisan partenrs in Kenya Africa

This is my motivation. I know that the more I work here to create orders and make sales - that families get fed. Children go to school. Homes are safe and secure. Because artisans are able to work and earn fair wages to meet their own needs. 

And by partnering together, means I literally have a part in these stories - and I need to work hard and do my fair share so we can celebrate their successes. See their children grow up healthy, educated and safe. 

I keep in my office photos of different artisans from over the years. These people - this is my motivation. And I know that working together - with each of us doing our part in this decade long partnership - we can do it. 

So I say to my daunting Monday To Do list - I'm coming for you. 

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