RAISING prices for Black Friday

I don't know about you - but I love a good deal. I really do.

But I aim to love people more.

In these tough times, so many artisans and small businesses already struggle to make ends meet. Especially now with a recession and coming out of lockdowns and struggles from the global pandemic.

Instead of taking funds away from the people who need them most - we want to be contributing to their needs.

And so, since 2014 we have treated Black Friday a little bit differently. In a way that reflects our values. We RAISE our prices by $2 from Black Friday to Giving Tuesday and donate that money to needs of our artisan partners. 

This year the tradition continues. We debated changing it as we are in the process of closing our physical store (this weekend!) and so many items are being cleared out as we prepare for the move back to online only. But we always want to find ways to value people over profits. And so.. November 25 (Black Friday) to November 29 (Giving Tuesday) all of our regular priced JustOne items are now 42 more. At the end of the time, prices will reset - and we will be contributing our extra funds to an artisan care fund. 

The artisan care fund is a separate bank account we have created for our artisan partners for when emergencies arise. We have helped with medical needs, funeral costs, and daily needs when finances are tight. This is a fund so that when something comes up - we are ready! 

This is JustOne way we strive to live our values!

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