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As we prepare to head back to Kenya at the beginning of March, people have been asking us what they can donate or contribute. We would love to give something to the children of three organizations we love and support in the Kibera Slums. The Victorious Bone Group and Power Women Group who we purchase from, and the SEED school who we try to support as well. We have come up with an easy way for you to give something to the children in the Kibera slums in Kenya. A way to give five!


So, gather your co-workers, classroom, Book Club, kids, sports team, co-workers, etc. and GIVE FIVE today! 


I looked up the definition - and to give someone five - or a high five is a "celebratory hand gesture". Love that! Give someone a reason to celebrate today! Read more below... 





If you live locally in the Hamilton, Ontario area - please contact us ( and we will connect for drop-off or pick-up. If you live further away but want to be involved - you can either ship your groups collection to us, or make a donation towards us purchasing items HERE


And... for every bag collected, or donation made we will give you 5 too! You will receive a $5 coupon for online purchases (valid on purchases over $10, one per customer). 


Here are the FIVE things to know.....


1) We are asking for people to put 5 items in a large ziplock bag.... 1) Something to eat  2) Something to wear  3) Something for personal hygiene 4) Something educational and 5) Something to play with!! 


2) Please note - we can not send items that will melt (chocolates, sticky candy, etc), break (mirrors, glass containers, etc), or spill (toothpaste, liquids, etc) and items that might hurt or scare a child (toy knives, guns, etc.). Also, please include new, unused items. 


3) Please consider including something personal - a photo or a note!


4) Please include this FORM to specify ages and gender. 


5) Have fun! Be creative! And know you are making a difference!


All bags must be collected by February 24, 2014! We will try to photograph the children receiving their gifts - so make sure to follow our blog as we post from our trip in March! 


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  • Katherine Squires

    What ages are ‘children’? Could you please specify? Are youth (12+) included? Thanks in advance!!

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