JustOne Person: Donna

Today we are starting a Friday segment on the blog called "JustOne Person". We will look at one person and how they are using their talents and passion to give back. I really believe people genuinely want to make a difference but don't always know how or what they could offer. We will be highlighting a variety of ways people are using their skills to give back in unique and diverse ways. Check back each Friday - maybe you will be inspired by their story!

I thought I would start with one of the people in my life who has taught me about giving back. My mom. For as long as I can remember my mom has been using her time, talents and skills to love people wholeheartedly. I love all the ways she finds to love others and make a difference in our world. When my parents retired they took their extra time and invested in back into people - love that! In this post she shares about her work as a hospice worker (palliative care) - mom has a unique gift of loving those in their last days. 


JustOne Introduction to DONNA

I am a 72 year old wife of one, mother of three and grandma of six. I love people and enjoy laughing and having fun. I love God and am thankful He has walked beside me all these years as I need guidance... I have no sense of direction and have been known to get lost even a block from home!! (thank heaven for the GPS!! But I have been known to argue with it and get lost too!!) AND I used to have my pilots license!!! (but you can see better from up there!)

JustOne Way to Give Back

One way I give back is by being a Hospice volunteer providing encouragement and support to people who are living the last days of their lives, some in their own homes and some in hospital or institutions, also providing relief for their family/caregivers.

JustOne Reason

The main reason I got involved was that while working in healthcare (for over 40years) I noticed that the last few years with cutbacks in staff etc. often the terminally ill patient spent much time alone as the family could not be there 24/7 or sometimes there isn't family.And staff is too busy to pull up a chair and "be there" for them.I believe no one should die alone.

JustOne thing learned

I have learned that by reaching out to bless someone else,I am always blessed in return.Also I am reminded to enjoy everyday as it comes and not worry about tomorrow or lament about yesterday."Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, thats why its called the present."

JustOne Inspiration

I also co-facilitate a grief and bereavement support group and listening to the participants share how they were encouraged and helped by volunteers "being there" and "caring" when they didn't think they could carry on encourages me to keep on reaching out and giving back.

JustOne Book

I am terrible at remembering title and authors of books but I just read one on helping a friend through the loss of a loved one that is excellent. (I have loaned it out so can't check the title or author). Also I love Still Alice by Lisa Genova.

JustOne Thought

Just that each of us have so much to give and in stepping out and giving we receive so much in return!!


  • Naomi Hall

    With all this there is “Just One” Donna. I am bless to have you as a sister-in-law. You have the gifts of encouragement and compassion and needless to say humour. I wish everyone could know her. Naomi

  • Aunt Bev

    You made an excellent choice for your first JustOne feature person. Donna thrives on helping others. People are comfortable being around her, probably because of her friendly, down-to-earth personality. She has a wicked sense of humor too! Admittedly, she could be quite the irritating big sister when we were children, but she turned out to be one fine human being!

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