Katie's Fashion Tips: JustOne Clutch

Preparing to go on vacation is a great excuse to play dress-up and figure out as many space-saving ways to pack and still look great.

This JustOne Clutch is so soft and light, with pockets and a zipper on the inside, and can hold a passport, other identification, money and lipgloss perfectly.

The pattern is fun too! And looks great in your hand with a stack of JustOne bracelets. I like to choose a lot of neutral coloured jewellery when travelling, with a few splashes of something bright, so that I can pack less and be able to mix and match easily when away.

Katie and her husband have three young children that keep them active and enjoying life.  She is a professional photographer and a former journalist and newspaper editor. Katie has been involved with choosing which items to carry for JustOne and helping with designing new pieces. Her love of fashion will be featured weekly on our blog to show ways to wear JustOne pieces with today's trends. 

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