Family Affair

It has been so exciting to see how JustOne has taken off since we launched November 1st. We just want to thank all of you who have come alongside us and spread the world. But we are also so thankful for our families who have had to put up with both Sarah and I spending countless time chatting over details, figuring things out, sorting stock, boxing stock, going to home parties, shipping items, etc. A couple weeks ago Sarah had an evening of boxing up stock (as each item sold is individually boxed with a card about the people who created it) - around the table helping was her mom and dad, her husband, and friends of her parents. We have had other times where friends - and friends of friends! - and family have chipped in and helped out. And we are so grateful. This is definitely not about Sarah and I - we are each just one person and only together can we make a difference!

I wanted to give a shout out to say "thanks" tonight! And to include a couple pics of some very special helpers... our kids!

Sarah's son Kagan helping box necklaces... 

My daughter Madison helping me sort and count new necklaces from Kenya....

And as much as our kids like to help - they all enjoy trying it on and are some of our biggest cheerleaders!

Sarah's daughter Caite in one of our sample scarves from South Africa (these are coming SOON!)

Sarah's daughter Kylie in a necklace from Uganda

Even Sarah's one son Kagan got in on the fun!

And my girls, Madison and Eden, are always up for trying on new colours and styles!

Again - thank you to everyone who has helped so far - especially a big shout out to our families! 

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