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Happy 3rd Birthday

Three years ago today, JustOne launched. It's been a lot of work and some days I wonder if we're making a difference at all - but then I remember our mantra that helping just one person can change our world. JustOne might be making small steps in our world - but we are making steps. Steps towards change, hope and a better future for all.  I think back over three years and I think of the countless lives we've connected with in our work in Kenya and Uganda. I think of small victories like... Lucy's teeth , birth certificates for our artists, sending artists for medical care when needed, bringing underwear and washable/reusable sanitary napkins for young women (so they can stay in school), hundreds...

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Bryan's View: Be The Change

If you are new to our blog - we are thrilled to have Bryan, a lifelong resident of Kibera, Kenya - blog for us regularly. We were thrilled to hear that a photo of his recently won an international contest. CONGRATULATIONS! Bryan is a perfect example of "JustOne" person making a difference using what he has! Way to go, Bryan! You continually make us proud!  Here he shares in his own words...---------------------------------------------------------In late August  a friend sent me a link to an online photo contest, the competition was global and open to anyone on Facebook and Instagram. The rules were pretty simple, just take a great photo with a nice story and tag it under the banner of #BeTheChange2015 and that...

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Sarah's View: Clooney or Change

Just recently, Krista Jefferson posted a crazy pic on Facebook of her and her sister – and George Clooney. As of this moment the pic has 367 Likes and 87 comments. It is, by far, one of the most popular posts by Krista.Fair warning - I am the girl that always asks “why”. Its very annoying to people around me – I know. :) In this case, I wondered why, when a picture is posted about the people Krista and Just One is helping in Africa, does it get a few Likes, yet a picture of someone that makes movies for a living gets so many? I understand George Clooney is famous and Jack Nywanga from Kenya is not. My thoughts...

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Bryan's View: Pre-Obama celebrations in Kibera

On 24th of July, 2014, US president Barack Obama visited Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that was being held at the UN Headquarters at Gigiri, Nairobi between 24th and 26th of July. This was his first visit to the country as the president of United States of America. However during his last visit in 2006, he toured Kibera and this time the residents had something bigger and better to push them through the day prior to his arrival. A peace keeping boxing tournament dubbed, ‘pre Obama boxing tournament was held at Kibera’s Kamukunji grounds and a concert thereafter at night. The event that unfolded throughout the day and at night was attended by a large number of Kibera residents as...

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Katie's Fashion Tips: V-Neck Shirts

A v­-neck t-­shirt can be a challenging style to wear jewellery with. Long necklace, short necklace, what looks best?The answer is simple... all lengths look great.If you are pairing your v­-neck t-­shirt with a great pair of boyfriend jeans for a casual look, I suggest layering necklaces of different lengths. When layering necklaces, choose styles that are on thin chains.If you are heading to the office, a v­-neck under a blazer is a great look. V­-neck's make you appear taller and slimmer. At work you can dress up your v-­neck with a beautiful statement piece that sits just above the collar of your shirt.My favourite way to dress up a simple outfit is to throw on my favourite jeans, a white loose fitting v-­neck, and the...

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