Info for Wholesale

Thank you for choosing our World Changing Fashion! Here is some information to help you - if you need anything further please do not hesitate to ask! Below you will find FAQ's, and a video on putting our display stand together. 


How are artisans paid? 

Our goal is to provide fair, dignified work for artisans to help end the poverty cycle. We do this by paying a fair, living wage for each piece sold - the more we sell, the more we can purchase from them creating more jobs! The way we operate is artists are paid 50-60% when an order is placed, and paid in full when the order is complete. They are not waiting for items to sell to be paid. 

What countries do you work in? 

Since 2012, we have partnered with artisans in Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya we work in Kenya's Kibera Slums trying to break the poverty cycle many artisans find themselves born into. In Uganda, we work with a group of former child soldiers that are looking for dignified work to provide for their families after the war. 

What impact have purchase made?

Through your purchases, we have seen firsthand land and cattle purchased, school fees paid for, homes built and more!

What materials are used? 

We try to use repurposed materials whenever possible. Most of our brass is repurposed from things like broken padlocks and pipes. Our "silver" is also brass, but with the colour removed. Items that are black - are made from recycled cow horn. Items that are white, grey or brown are discarded bone from the butcher. Colourful pieces will be recycled paper. 

How do I care for brass? 

Brass is very easy to clean - these are our two favourite methods. 1) Toothpaste! Rub some toothpaste on and rinse it off and it'll be shiny and new again. 2) Create a paste with baking soda and lemon (lemon juice can work) and rub on the piece, and rinse off. If customers are concerned about brass turning their skin green - they can always put clear nail polish on the inside to create a barrier and avoid this. 

How to reorder

Ready to reorder? Simply email us if you do not have our current catalog. Typically orders ship out within a week and we will notify you if we are out of an item.

A brief video on how to put your display stand together

 NOTE: In a recent shipment of display boards we received the wrong size hooks. Here is a fix until teh new hooks arrive. As always any questions please ask!